May 2017

We like Fast Orange!

Hi Gudrun. It was nice to speak with you again at the CBC in Wash DC.

Since I learned of Fast Orange at the 2016 CBC from you, we have been using it weekly at my nano-brewery. It is the perfect product for us. We are too small to have a lab and we don’t have the analytical skills either. But we still have the need to quickly and accurately detect beer spoilage organisms, as all breweries do. It’s very easy to use and tells us simply if we have a problem before the beer can leave the brewery. Thank you for offering this great product.

Paul Guarracini, Partner / Brewmaster
Fairport Brewing Co., Fairport, NY, USA

April 2017

Since two years we are using the enrichment media from PIKA Weihenstephan. After a very detailed series of experiments performed by Gudrun Vogeser and her team for our alcohol free beverages, we enrich our lemonades and our juices with FastOrange Yeast broth followed by plating on FastOrange Yeast agar. In these test series, the optimal concentration of FastOrange Yeast was determined particularly for our own beverages.

Additionally, for beer analysis we switched in some production areas totally to the enrichment media of PIKA Weihenstephan. For the detection of beer spoiling bacteria, among other samples we are using FastOrange B broth for all fermentation samples.

Moreover, Gudrun supported us in improving our daily routine analyses. We received lots of  practical hints including the sampling itself.

A major advantage of FastOrange enrichment media compared to other products is the really clear color change to yellow.

To sum it up:

We can highly recommend both the consultancy of PIKA Weihenstephan as well as the FastOrange enrichment media itself, and the speedy product shipment.

Helmut Sauerhammer, Brewmaster
Pyraser Landbrauerei GmbH @ Co. KG, Thalmässing, GER

March 2017

Since many years we are in a successful cooperation with the PIKA Weihenstephan team headed by Gudrun Vogeser. We are always content with both the lab services as well as their PCR kits and nutrient media FastOrange. We highly appreciate the confident collaboration and regard their support as an important part of our quality management concept. Especially for the production of our specialty beer – Hefeweizen with original bottle fermentation – a high precision in analyses and a high product safety are crucial.

Thomas Buscham, Brewmaster & Head of quality management
Brauerei Gutmann, Titting, GER

March 2016

We at Goodwood Brewing Co have been using Fast Orange B for over a year.  We find the quality to be consistent and superior to any test media currently on the market.  The test is very simple to use either via a swab or test tube, and results are fast, less than 48 hours in most cases.  A simple color change signifies detection of any beer spoilers.
This is simply the hands down best solution and is quite economical in price.  I would recommend this to any brewery to check their CIP protocols or as a simple go no go test on beers.
Thanks PIKA Weihenstephan.

Joel Halbleib, COO/Brewmaster
Goodwood Brewing Co, St Lou, KY 40202

March 2016

Q: From a quality standpoint, what are the five things brewers should do?
… 2. Get a basic micro program in place. HLP Media and PIKA FastOrange B are beer spoiler detecting media that don’t require use of an autoclave. You just need a clean area to do the media prep and plate with beer samples …

From an interview with Rick Blankemeier, Stone Brewing, Quality Assurance Manager at Escondido/CA, in “The New Brewer” March/April 2016, p 216

June 2017

Hi Gudrun,

I hope you’re doing well. Sorry for the lack of answer of your last email, we were very busy here, I hope you understand. Your advices helped us a lot, so thank you 🙂

We managed to spot the origin of our infection, it was caused by a cheap plate chiller that we never managed to really clean.

Anyway, we’re now experiencing another issue and we’d like to make sure our assumptions are true, that’s why I’d like to order again a few FastOranges from you.

Thank you, Guillaume

Guillaume Libersat, Brewmaster
Brasserie Le Singe Savant, Lille, FR

March 2017

We are a small German brewery in Neuburg a.d. Donau. When we established our microbiology program, we looked for a partner who enables us to perform ourselves the basic analyses within a low budget. We have found this partner with PIKA Weihenstephan.

With FastOrange B, we can analyze any sample ranging from yeast to bottled beer.

The FastOrange B Tubes are containing a small volume of medium which is perfectly suitable for analyzing one sample. Using the ready made tubes prevents false positive results originating from otherwise eventually contaminated residual volumes of a decanted bottle.

This is the ideal solution to handle varying amounts of samples from a variety of differentsampling points.

Additionally, the analysis is highly simplified due to the short incubation time and the color change, especially supporting a brewmaster with low experience in microscopy.

In short, we are more than satisfied with PIKA Weihenstephan and can highly recommend their products anytime.

Florian Linder, Brewmaster
Juliusbräu, Neuburg a.d. Donau, GER

February 2017

E-Mail Conversation between Gudrun Vogeser (PIKA Weihenstephan) and Guy Stewart (New Belgium Brewery) showing appreciation for our helpful assistance and speedy service:



Whoa, what a quick response!

Thank you for linking the product page on morebeer!, attaching the POF scheme and offering assistance with test design, this is so helpful!

I’ll reach out with any questions.”



We are specialized in Fast Detection methods 😉

Just send an email for any questions you might have”



“Haha, definitely living up to the name! 😉


Guy Stewart, QA Microbiology Analyst
New Belgium Brewery, Asheville, NC, USA

July 2015

We consider the PIKA Weihenstephan GmbH a partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations.
Our story: For 3 years, one of our two yeast strains showed bad flocculation. We were pretty close to investing into a separator (costs around 300 000$ net), when we got the recommendation from Brauknecht Consulting to use PCR certified pure yeast from PIKA Weihenstephan.
Before, we had 4 to 6 % more losses in the fermentation department and our filtration batches were 30 to 60 % only from what we can achieve now consistently with the PIKA yeast strains.
We got great support and fast delivery from PIKA Weihenstephan. And since 6 months our problem has been solved.

Laborleitung JSC “Georgian Beer Company” 3311.Saguramo, Mtskheta Region / Georgia, www.geobeer.ge
Ralf Münch, Brauknecht Consulting, Hillerse/Germany